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At Red Apple Education we have developed a range of training packages to meet your needs. We have delivered our training across Wirral schools and would encourage you to view the feedback on our testimonials page (click here). As well as our extensive training packages, we also offer bespoke training tailored to meet your training needs. Whether it is middle leadership training and effectively managing difficult conversations or perhaps outstanding customer service training for your support staff, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding training that will deliver immediate and measurable benefits.

Our training is developed in conjunction with you to ensure that we achieve the targeted outcomes. With over 25 years of senior leadership experience in outstanding schools, we are confident we are ideally placed to meet your training needs.


At Red Apple Education we have the skills and expertise to be able to tailor our training provision to specifically meet the needs of your school. We have the knowledge and experience to produce a training package developed on those areas of support you have identified. Whether it is a one off training need or part of an ongoing programme, we can develop a training package that can support your school and meet the CPD needs of your staff. We are totally flexible in our delivery and will ensure that all training is measurable so that progress and impact are clear.

We can provide bespoke training packages and support the CPD of staff irrespective of whether you are a nursery, primary, secondary or a SEN school. In conjunction with our Associate Consultants we have the knowledge and experience to support your school and meet all your training needs.

If you would like to discuss the type of training we offer or just have an initial chat then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 336 4842.

‘Outstanding’ Cover Supervisor

The role of a ‘Cover Supervisor’ is still relatively new in UK schools and came about as a result of the governments ‘Remodelling of the School Workforce’ agenda.

Working as a cover supervisor can be extremely rewarding but also very demanding. There is a high level of responsibility and although there is always a teacher close at hand if needed, there is a large amount of autonomy.

A cover supervisor is likely to be used for short-term absences of a teacher. These might be known in advance (for example, where a teacher has a medical appointment or is undergoing professional development) or unexpected (for example, absence due to illness). Work will be set for the classes you will be covering and with most schools you will be given the opportunity to tour the school and meet some key staff before you go to your classroom but be warned…that is not always the case!

At Red Apple Education we have high expectations of our cover supervisors when working in our schools and our training is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and toolkit to effectively undertake this role.

Who can register for the Cover Supervisor training?

The course content has a broad target audience ranging from existing cover/supply staff who want to enhance their skills and knowledge, Newly Qualified Teacher wishing to gain additional classroom experience, to individuals who would like to work in a secondary school and have suitable qualifications or relevant work experience.

How long is the training?

We offer a number of different training packages that are determined by your experience and academic background. Training can be between 2-days intense training or 1 week classroom based training. All of our training is totally unique and has been built on our experience of working in schools and our clear understanding of the demands therein. We understand the importance of fully preparing you for the role of cover supervisor not only for the reputation of Red Apple Education but also to ensure that you are fully equipped to manage a classroom and add value to our respective schools and above all, enjoy the role!

When is the next training?

We run a training session each month at the moment and the cohort can range from 20 to 30 participants.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in registering for this training then give us a call today.

Behaviour Management

It is widely accepted that good and outstanding teaching is the most effective way to get good behaviour. Teachers who plan and teach dynamic, stimulating lessons based on sound assessment and excellent subject knowledge are likely to experience fewer difficulties with behaviour.

Our training is focussed on the outstanding aspects of teaching and develops the core principles of teaching to support effective behaviour and classroom management. There are a host of contributing factors to outstanding behaviour management and we look to cover all aspects to ensure that participants complete the training feeling more confident and competent at managing behaviour. At the end of our training participants will:

Personal Style

Understand that they are responsible for ensuring the highest standards of behaviour from their pupils;

Have developed their own personal style for managing behaviour.

Be able to vary the tone and volume of their voice to teach effectively and manage behaviour.

Understand how to stand, move, make use of space and use eye contact in order to be an authoritative presence in the classroom.


Understand what responses, both verbal and non-verbal, can have on children’s behaviour. Participants will be able to manage their own emotions when teaching and be sensitive to the emotions of the pupils.


Be able to reflect on the way they manage behaviour and their classrooms and be prepared to change what isn’t working well. This reflective learning is a powerful means to improve performance and focus on those areas of development.

School Systems

Understand how effective school systems support good behaviour management, and prevent and deal with bullying. Participants will be able to adapt their practice to fit with the school behaviour policy and should understand that consistency is an essential component of managing behaviour.


Understand that good relationships are at the heart of good behaviour management and with this in mind, participants will be able to form positive, appropriate, professional relationships with their pupils.

Classroom Management

Be able to use praise effectively.

Know how to apply rewards and sanctions to improve behaviour.

Know how to develop and teach routines to pupils so that time is used efficiently.

Be able to manage behaviour in a range of different situations such as whole class teaching, group work, the corridors and the playground.

More challenging behaviour

Have an understanding of why children misbehave and why some children demonstrate more challenging behaviour.

Be able to plan and teach lessons that take account of individual children’s special needs, so that they are less likely to misbehave.

Know how to take appropriate and effective action when they are confronted by more extreme behaviour.

Theoretical knowledge

Know about scientific research and developments, and how these can be applied to understanding, managing and changing children’s behaviour.

Leadership Training

Outstanding schools and Good schools with aspirations to move to Outstanding, have effective leadership at all levels; from Headteacher to Middle Leaders to up and coming Aspiring Leaders. Our training courses are designed to meet the needs of teachers. Our training has been developed over years of experience of working in outstanding schools and are designed to meet the needs of teachers at all stages of their leadership journey. As well as having a relentless focus on teaching and learning in the classroom we believe leaders need to embrace the wider whole school challenges that schools face. Our leadership training courses support schools in developing their leaders of tomorrow; the next generation of leaders and teachers! Our training is designed and delivered by leading Head teachers and practitioners.

Senior Leadership

Without doubt, outstanding schools need leaders who can make the shift from translating whole-school policies into practice, to make a difference, to creating and leading new school improvement strategies that can transform learning across the curriculum to the benefit of the pupil, the teacher and the community.

Our training is specifically designed for Middle Leaders who aspire to move into senior leadership. Our training will develop the skills needed for the transition and recognises the crucial role delegates will play in leading innovation. Participants will fully understand the scope of managing and leading on whole school initials and so too the priorities of schools in the current economic and educational environment.

Why choose Red Apple Education?

  • Our vast network of leadership contacts developed over years of working in schools helps us to bring together the brightest and best leaders. 
  • Our wide networks ensure that our training is delivered by outstanding head teachers and practitioners.
  • Our courses are high quality and designed for high-impact Our training allows delegates to build valuable leadership and learning networks.


If you are interested in any of our Leadership training then please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss in more detail.

Middle Leadership

Often considered to be the ‘engine room’ of a school’s success, high quality middle leaders are essential to the effective and successful operation of a school. Middle leadership are essential in effecting whole school priorities into practice and bringing about pupil progress and achievement. Middle Leaders are inspirational with a passion to make a different for the pupils and a desire to succeed and embrace their responsibility for assuring standards in schools.

Our training is designed to support Middle Leaders on this journey and to provide them with the vision and strategy to drive forward their career and make a positive difference to their respective schools.

Aspiring Leaders

Our Aspiring Leaders training will inspire and develop aspiring middle leaders and prepare them to naturally progress from an outstanding classroom teacher to an effective middle leader.

Making this transition can be both exhilarating and daunting, so developing the essential knowledge, skills and understanding is vital. Middle leaders are rightly referred to as the ‘engine room’ of school improvement and successful schools invest in their development.

Our training is specifically developed to support Aspiring Leaders to take that next step to Middle Leadership.

If you are interested in this training or would like to discuss it further then please do not hesitate to call us?

Support Staff Training

The role of support staff in schools has grown significantly over the last 10 years. Support staff have a key role in the safe and effective running of the school yet their training is often overlooked or given a low priority in terms of whole school training.

At Red Apple Education we fully understand the important role played by support staff and have tailored training to support their needs and development.

The support roles in schools can vary greatly but we have training packages that cover those roles. Our training is specifically tailored to support;

  • Caretaker
  • Cleaners
  • Lunchtime Supervisors
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Finance Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Invigilators

Our training is specifically designed to add value to the existing roles of the participants but also to broaden their understanding of the school and the impact they can have on the success of the school. We fully appreciate the value that can be added from fully trained support staff and

Governor Training

Are you an outstanding governor? Are you an outstanding Governing Body? Do you need support to be outstanding?

Would this be the description of your Governing Body:

“Governors stringently hold senior leaders to account for all aspects of school’s performance?”


“Governance is highly ambitious and governors lead by example. They base their actions on a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s performance and of staff and pupils skills and attributes?”

or is it…

“Governors are not sufficiently diligent in holding the school to account for pupils’ achievement, the quality of teaching and the effective and efficient deployment of resources?”


“The schools strategies for engaging with parents are weak and parents express little confidence in the school?”

Wherever you believe you currently are in your own evaluation and that of your Governing Body, we have the skills and experience to support you in moving your Governing Body to Outstanding.

To find out more about our governor services, give us a call today.

Return to Teaching

At Red Apple Education we understand that with constant changes and updates to the education sector, returning to the classroom can appear a little daunting, which is why we offer returning teachers bespoke training to make sure that they are confident and ready to take on teaching again.

The world of education is a fast paced continually changing landscape which means that if you have moved away from the profession for any notable period of time then you are likely to require refresher training should you wish to return.

Depending on your previous experience and your time away from teaching we can advise you on a suitable training package to meet your needs. Our training will cover core areas such as Curriculum changes, Assessment for Learning and Behaviour for Learning Strategies. We can also broaden the scope of our training to include Interactive whiteboard training and career planning and interview guidance.

Our training comes in two distinct packages:


This training is specifically for teachers with a minimum of 5 years classroom teaching and have been away from the classroom for between 1-5 years. This training will bring participants up to date with all the changes and updates that have taken place since their absence. As part of this training we will also offer a training and mentoring service to ensure that any training needs that are identified during supply work are supported.


This training is aimed at teachers who have been out of the classroom for over 5 years and would benefit from a gentle introduction back into the classroom before embarking on full time day to day teaching. This course is aimed at Teachers who have had a longer break from the classroom (over 5 years) and would benefit from spending time supporting in the classroom before taking on the day-to-day teaching and the responsibilities therein. This training is a balanced blend of office training and school based training and allows participants to prepare for the transition to teaching once again.

If you are considering returning to teaching and interested in our training then please give us a call to discuss.

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